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Preserving Water

The Primary Water Reservoir in Santa Catarina Minas

The Primary Water Reservoir in Santa Catarina Minas

We support the community's water projects....

In a January 2016 interview on NPR, the reporter was speculating on the El Niño storms heading to California, and whether or not the rains could solve California's five-year drought. Her guest — Alice Walton of the Los Angeles Times — said it would not. Walton said the rain couldn't be captured. But that's exactly what Eduardo Angeles of Mezcal Lalocura has done.

Eduardo led a team of the community's women, who built stone walls up and down the mountains surrounding the town. These walls — barely eight inches high — hold the water in place long enough to enrich the soil, and they keep that soil in place. The result is that there are now trees and grass growing on these once-barren mountains — and these trees help capture still more rain.

And when the rain water filters through these stone walls, it is directed into natural basins that have been capped by the dams built by the men in the town. There are now 40 of these reservoirs, and Eduardo estimates that they have captured three years worth of water — water that is refilling the aquafiers that feed the town's wells, and water that is being piped to farmers to grow produce.

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